The Thomas Young Centre (TYC) is a dynamic and interdisciplinary alliance of London researchers which operates at the forefront of science to address the challenges of society and industry through the theory and simulation of materials, or materials modelling.

We provide a framework through which we support current and future generations of researchers and foster collaborations within our membership, with theoreticians and experimentalists outside London, and with industry and government.

The TYC is currently made up of around 100 research groups from four London Colleges: Imperial College, King's College, QMUL (Queen Mary University London) and UCL (University College London). The academic departments involved include physics, materials, chemistry, earth sciences, biology, and several branches of engineering.

The centre has long standing partnerships with national laboratories such as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory, as well as a strong track record in working with a number of large companies such as BP and Rio Tinto, to provide training and research. 

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