The Thomas Young Centre (TYC) is a highly intercollegiate, interdisciplinary and inclusive organisation that welcomes new members with an active interest in materials modelling from across London. 

The TYC is open to graduate students, post-docs, permanent staff and long-term visitors in one of the participating organisations and is free to join.

General Membership

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PI Membership

To enable to the TYC to continue to flourish, full PI membership to the Centre now requires each individual to read and agree to our PI Membership Statement.

This statement outlines the benefits and commitments to membership of the TYC and a small degree of individual commitment to the centre is expected.

Please note that the TYC is not seeking to be too prescriptive in listing obligations and benefits, however, the “PI membership” idea seeks a practical route to ensure those who benefit most are roughly those who contribute most.

In order to join the TYC, please email TYC Administrator, stating that you have read and agreed the PI Membership Statement and attaching the Membership Profile Form below.

Once this information has been received, your profile will be added to the People Pages on the TYC website and your name added to the mailing list.

Now you are a member…

All members are encouraged to get actively involved in the running and organisation of the centre.  If there are any speakers you would like to see, projects you are interested in starting, events you would like to run, suggestions you would like to make, we would love to hear from you and have funding to help!

Please email with any suggestions or feedback.


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