The main Training Centres relevant to TYC include:

* The CDT in Theory and Simulation of Materials at Imperial College

* The EngD Centre in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science at UCL

Here, we give a brief summary of each Centre, with links to the web-site where more details can be found.

Please note that although the TYC publicises the CDTs and helps students find available PhD positions, the studentships themselves belong to the Centre for Doctoral Training.

There are two postgraduate programmes: (1) a one year MSc In TSM; and (2) a 4 year PhD that includes the MSc in TSM. The programmes provide a rigorous training in the theoretical methods and simulation techniques. Research projects are overseen by two supervisors (one of whom may be at another university or in industry) whose combined expertise spans multiple length and time scales of materials theory and simulation.

Often described as a PhD+, the Engineering Doctorate is a four-year programme, designed to train research leaders to a high level and to give them industrial experience. The UCL Centre is run by the Chemistry Department, but the EngD students are registered in a range of departments, including Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, and the London Centre for Nanotechnology.

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