We list here courses relevant to PhD-level research in the Theory and Simulation of Materials, with brief information about the aims of the course, contact details of the course organiser, time when the course is given, and a note about whether the course is open to students at all London Colleges.

Please note that although TYC students from other colleges may be welcome to attend courses, students from external colleges will not be eligible to take the course exams and their coursework will not be able to be marked.

Formal vector spaces in quantum mechanics, WKB approximation, unitary time-evolution, time-dependent perturbation theory, open quantum systems and Mar...

This module will suit students who wish to explore applications of the ideas of statistical physics. 

This course covers the theory of elastic and plastic deformation in materials, and the vital role played by crystal defects.

Part of the Theory and Simulation of Materials CDT MSc Courses.

This course will cover the fundamental theoretical ideas in modern electronic structure theory.

An in-depth introduction into basic electronic structure calculations (HF, DFT,wavefunction methods) and more advanced techniques (ab-initio MD, excited states).

This course provides an overview of electronic structure theory as applied to materials.

This course covers the concepts in thermodynamics and statistical physics relevant to studying equilibrium in materials.


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