We list here courses relevant to PhD-level research in the Theory and Simulation of Materials, with brief information about the aims of the course, contact details of the course organiser, time when the course is given, and a note about whether the course is open to students at all London Colleges.

Please note that although TYC students from other colleges may be welcome to attend courses, students from external colleges will not be eligible to take the course exams and their coursework will not be able to be marked.

TYC students are welcome to register their interest to attend courses from the Centre for Doctoral Training in Theory and Simulation of Materials (TSM CDT) at Imperial College London.

A free and open online course about Computational Materials Physics is available from Ghent University. You can take this course in sync with our weekly feedback webinars (Sep 24 - Dec 10), or you can take it self-paced at any time of the year.

This year the traditional Electronic Structure course, which has been run for last eight years at UCL has been expanded to run over two terms and include introductions into other important techniques.


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