The research groups of the Thomas Young Centre frequently publish important advances that are of interest to a wide multi-disciplinary audience. The items on our "Science Highlights" pages are short summaries of some of these advances, usually based on publications in high-impact journals.

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In a recent paper published in Physical Review Letters TYC members show how they couple an evolutionary algorithm to computer simulations to design nanoscale objects that reliably cross a cell membrane in a form of a vesicle.

Bandgap lowering in mixed alloys of.png

Seán Kavanagh, David Scanlon and Aron Walsh of the TYC recently co-authored a paper with colleagues; 'Bandgap lowering in mixed alloys of Cs2Ag(SbxBi1−x)Br6 double perovskite thin films' which was published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A.


TYC and MMM Hub members recently collaborated on the paper 'Gaussian Process States: A Data-Driven Representation of Quantum Many-Body Physics' which was published in Physical Review X

Enabling stable MnO2 matrix for aqueous zinc-ion battery cathodes.jpg

Cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly energy storage devices as complement and alternative to Li-ion batteries are in urgent demand to sustain the implementation of smart grids and de-carbonification of the energy market. In this paper, TYC researchers have examined the performance of layered delta-MnO2 based materials as electrodes for aqueous Zn-ion batteries.


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