The research groups of the Thomas Young Centre frequently publish important advances that are of interest to a wide multi-disciplinary audience. The items on our "Science Highlights" pages are short summaries of some of these advances, usually based on publications in high-impact journals.

Generating colour 3D images from planar metasurface.jpg

As part of an international collaboration between King’s College London and the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, researchers have developed a novel way of generating 2D images with shading effects of 3D objects using a reflective metasurface performing through the entire visible spectral range.

Origins of fast diffusion of water.png

Dr Wei Fang, former UCL PhD and Thomas Young Centre member recently published the paper Origins of fast diffusion of water dimers on surfaces

F Baletto June 20_Figure1.jpg

A TYC Researcher at King's recently co-authored a paper "Structural Screening and Design of Platinum Nanosamples for Oxygen Reduction" which shows how a novel numerical strategy was developed to estimate the activity of a nanocatalyst during its lifetime.

Michail Stamatakis_Kinetic Isolation between Turnovers on Au18 Nanoclusters_Formic Acid Decomposition One Molecule at a Time.png

Subnanometric materials have found applications in a wide variety of fields, due to their extraordinary and complex properties. Among these applications, accelerating (catalysing) chemical reactions of interest in the energy and environmental fields has attracted significant focus. 


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