The research groups of the Thomas Young Centre frequently publish important advances that are of interest to a wide multi-disciplinary audience. The items on our "Science Highlights" pages are short summaries of some of these advances, usually based on publications in high-impact journals.

Kinetics of trifurcated electron flow in the decaheme bacterial proteins McrC and MtrF_JB.png

In this article, TYC Researchers provide molecular-level insight into the electron flow in two decaheme proteins.

MethaneActivationSAAs_focus Stamatakis.jpg

TYC Researchers investigate C–H bond activation as the first step towards the synthesis of fuels and fine chemicals.

Cysteine Linkages Accelerate Electron Flow JB Nov 2017.gif

Researchers from the Thomas Young Centre and the Institute for Advanced Study, Technische Universität München, in Germany have made important findings in multi-heme proteins by combining state-of-the-art quantum mechanics and and molecular dynamics calculations.

Foulkes Electron behaviour.jpg

Behaviour of electrons underextreme conditions described for the first time 

Researchers have modelled the actions of electrons under extreme temperatures and densities, such as found within planets and stars.


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