Professor Mark van Schilfgaarde

Professor Mark van Schilfgaarde
Department: Physics
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: King's College
Phone: +44 (0)20 7848 7246
Website: Website

Research Summary:

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Many-Body Effects in Iron Pnictides and Chalcogenides: Nonlocal Versus Dynamic Origin of Effective Masses

Research in the area of ab initio electronic structure theory, and methods that implement them. Most recently he developed with T. Kotani the Quasiparticle Self-consistent GW (QSGW) theory, a new approach to the GW approximation. In 1988 he created the “standard” Stuttgart tight-binding linear muffin-tin orbitals (LMTO) ASA package. Since then he has designed a variety of other methods, including accurate full-potential LDA codes for both solids and molecules, Green’s function techniques for transport in layered systems, Green’s function methods to calculate magnetic exchange interactions, and next-generation methods now under development. Another research area concerns the ab initio treatment of magnetism, most recently exchange interactions and transport in dilute magnetic semiconductors.


Graphene, Photovoltaics, GW Techniques