Professor Roy Pike FRS

Professor Roy Pike FRS
Department: Physics
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: King's College
Phone: +44 (0)20 7848 2043
Website: Website

Research Summary:

Quantum and classical dissipative systems and non-linear media; algorithms to deal with the blurring that arises from a spatially or temporally varying function (eg caused by turbulence), or from an imperfect optical system (as occurred in the Hubble telescope); super-resolving microscopy; speech recognition, by seeking acoustic invariants to characterise speech pressure waves; low dimensional systems (including superconductors), with emphasis on understanding strong correlations, and in exploiting the similarities of the underlying quantum field theory to elementary particle physics.


Environmental Problems, Aqueous Solutions, Aerosols, Associating Fluids, Atmospheric Physics, Confined Fluids, Contact Mechanics, Crystal Growth, Diffusion, Fluctuation Theorems, Geophysics, Phonon Spectra, Strongly Correlated Systems, Bionanoscience, Nanoparticles, Photonics, Discrete Elements Methods, Dynamical-Systems Theory , Finite Difference, Galerkin Methods, Master Equations, Monte Carlo Techniques, Wannier Functions, Bionanoscience, Nanoparticles