Professor Dario Alfe

Professor Dario Alfe
Department: Earth Sciences
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: UCL
Phone: +44 (0)20 7679 2361
Website: Website

Research Summary:

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Dehydrogenation for the creation of new Carbon nanostructures

New study has dramatic implications for the thermal history of the Earth

Growing Graphene

Thermal and electrical conductivity of iron at Earth’s core conditions

Non-adiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics of supersonic beam epitaxy of silicon carbide at room temperature

Carbon nanodomes on a metal surface

Dario Alfè is Professor of Physics in the Earth Science Department. He is a Principal Investigator in the London Centre for Nanotechnology, and currently holds a European Young Investigator Award (EURYI) fellowship.

His research interests are mainly focused on theoretical-computational first principles techniques applied to a variety of problems, from the study of the properties of Earth's forming materials at the extreme conditions of Earth's deep interior, to surface science problems related to catalysis and hydrogen storage.

In collaboration with Professor Mike Gillan, he is also interested in the development of new techniques to improve the accuracy of traditional first principles techniques.


Earth's Core, Graphene, Metal Hydrides, Functional Oxides, Catalysis, Interfaces, Molecular Adsorption, Planetary Materials, Surfaces, Extreme Conditions, Oxide Surfaces, Free Energy, Ab Initio M.D., Petascale Computing, Quantum Monte Carlo, Functional Oxides, Extreme Conditions, Oxide Surfaces, Free Energy