Professor Mark Miodownik MBE

Professor Mark Miodownik MBE
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: UCL
Phone: +44 (0)20 7679 3938
Website: Website

Research Summary:

Areas of research:

- Self organisation and self-healing materials.
- Biomechanical analysis of cellular and biological tissues.
- FEM, Finite Difference, Cellular Automata, Monte Carlo models.


Gastrulation, Morphogenesis, Wound Healing, Biomaterials, Grain Growth, Microstructural Evolution, Self-Assembly, Self-Healing, Self-Organisation, Zener Pinning, Potts Models, Evolutionary Algorithms, Finite Difference, Finite Elements, Genetic Algorithms, Phase Field Methods, Potts Models, Recrystallisation