Dr Silvia Di Lecce

Dr Silvia Di Lecce
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: Imperial College
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Research Summary:

My research is mainly focused on nanoscale friction phenomena, with particular emphasis on the development of algorithms to investigate molecular fluids under confinements and under the influence of external fields.

Manipulate friction at the nanoscale provides a route to improve performances of micro and nanoscale devices. At this scale the presence of a thin liquid film between two solid surfaces may modify the shear motion and the adhesion forces. Ionic liquids have been identified as a new class of lubricants because of their unique thermophysical properties. Their tribological response can be tuned through the application of external fields, such as an electric field. Previous studies showed that electrotunable lubrication with ionic liquids allows to control dynamically friction with the prospect to achieve superlubrication.

We use molecular dynamics simulations to describe at a molecular level the non-equilibrium behaviour of films confined between electrified plates, and to identify the role that load, shear, and different thermodynamics conditions play on their tribological response.


Alkali Halides, Aqueous Solutions, Interfaces, Ionic Liquids, Tribology, Nanopores, Coarse Graining Techniques, Nanopores