Professor Daniele Dini

Professor Daniele Dini
Department: Mechanical Engineering
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: Imperial College
Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 7242
Website: Website

Research Summary:

Understanding the origin of damage and failure mechanisms at different scales, with particular focus on tribological applications.

Advanced multi-scale modelling strategies to study tyre/wheel interactions, failures in bolted assemblies and progressive wear.

Fretting fatigue, cracking and fatigue damage accumulation in aerospace and automotive components.

Solid/fluid interactions in cracked components in the presence of lubricants. Coupled approached to study the effect of pressured fluid on pitting and micropitting in bearings and railways.

Use of CFD and complementarity algorithms to study cavitation and inlet flow in bearings and conrods.

Application of crystal plasticity finite elements (CPFE) and X-ray and neutron diffraction to the study of damage in Ti6Al4V and Nickel-based superalloys at the mesoscale.

Atomistic and (non-equilibrium) molecular dynamics simulations to study friction fundamentals, nano-bubbles and engineered surfaces.


Bolted Assemblies, Coatings, Tyre-Wheel Interactions, Atomic Force Microscopy, Cavitation, Frictional Shakedown, Grain Boundaries, Interfaces, Plasticity, Residual Stress, Tribology, Fatigue, Fretting, Roughness, Boundary Elements, Finite Elements, Fatigue, Fretting, Roughness