Dr Vincenzo Giannini

Dr Vincenzo Giannini
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: Imperial College
Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 1588
Website: Website

Research Summary:

I am interested in light-matter interaction problems from different points of view. Some of the topics I touch are, quantum plasmonics, i.e., when metal nanoparticles are small enough (~1 nm), new exciting quantum phenomena start to play an important role. Plasmonics in 2D materials, as graphene, for example, nanoantennas, light induced topological effects in nanoparticle systems, metamaterials and Casimir forces. A recent interesting area I am exploring is the light interaction with topological insulators nanoparticles.

Research Keywords:

Plasmon, Plasmonics, Nanoantennas, Topological Insulators, Topological Photonics, Casimir effects, Graphene Plasmonics