Dr Michael Bearpark

Dr Michael Bearpark
Department: Chemistry
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: Imperial College
Phone: +44 (0)20 7594 5727
Website: Website

Research Summary:

Understanding the way molecules change their structure when they absorb light. Same atoms: different bonds; what new reactions can take place, and how do electronic excited states decay?


Diamond, Conical Intersections, Defects In Solids, Electronic Excitations, Jahn-Teller, Photochemistry, Photochromism, Photoisomerisation, Photostability, Radiationless Decay, Photoreceptors, Photoreceptors


  • Shaopeng Li
  • Marta Araujo
  • David Mendive-Tapia
  • Lee Thompson
  • Andy Forester
  • Catriona Jin