Dr Vincent Sacksteder IV

Dr Vincent  Sacksteder IV
Department: Physics
Position: Research staff
Institution: Royal Holloway
Website: Website

Research Summary:

I am adding a new feature to a CASTEP, which is piece of software that uses quantum mechanics to calculate the properties of materials and molecules. The new feature, called the GW approximation, is meant to improve the software’s predictions about semiconductors, and also about what happens when materials absorb or release electrons.

In addition, I have along term experience, and continuing research projects, with electronic and spin transport in dirty materials where electrons are scattered by impurities. I use both analytical and computational techniques, and focus especially on topological materials, Hall effects, and Dirac systems such as graphene.

Additional keywords: spin diffusion equations, weak localization, Anderson localization, topological insulators, polaritons, magnetoresistance, path integrals, perturbation theory, GW techniques


Spintronics, Graphene, Conductivity (Electrical), Excitons, Nanowires, CASTEP, High-End Computing, Linear-Scaling DFT