Dr Michelle Moram

Dr Michelle  Moram
Department: Materials
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: Imperial College
Phone: +44 (0207) 594 2587
Website: Website

Research Summary:

I lead the new Functional Nitrides group in the Department of Materials at Imperial. Our work centres primarily on (i) developing broad, mutually compatible, new 'palettes' of materials from which future electronic devices can be created, and (ii) the control of material properties using artificial structuring on the nanoscale. Current research focuses on developing new III-nitride-based multifunctional materials for use in a broad range of applications, ranging from UV light emitters for water treatment in the developing world, through energy harvesters for clean energy generation, to exotic new devices enabled exclusively by the properties of the device material 'building blocks' that we create. A recent major award from the EPSRC brings the group's total funding to over £4 million and now allows us to extend this work into functional oxynitrides and carbonitrides and into elements spanning the majority of the Periodic Table.
The group combines both theory and experiment to help guide device material development. Experimentally, we focus on epitaxial thin film deposition by molecular beam epitaxy and electron beam epitaxy and on material characterisation using advanced electron microscopy techniques, synchrotron-based X-ray techniques, SIMS and our new in-situ UHV characterisation suite for air-sensitive materials.


Energy Materials, Defects In Solids, Diffusion, Dislocations, Electron Diffraction, Excitons, Interfaces, Phonon Spectra, Point Defects, Polarons, Spectroscopy, Semiconductors, Thin Films, Functional Nitride Materials


  • Udi Gabbai
  • Gordon Fu
  • Stephan Knoll
  • Sneha Rhode
  • Matthew Horton
  • Leo Tsui
  • Richard Simons
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  • James Quirk