Dr Ben Slater

Dr Ben Slater
Department: Chemistry
Position: Permanent staff
Institution: UCL
Phone: +44 (0)20 7679 0071
Website: Website

Research Summary:

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Large variation in ice surface vacancies

Nano ice melts at -100 degrees!

Modular and predictable assembly of porous organic molecular crystals

Point defects at the ice (0001) surface.

We use ab-initio and force-field approaches to gain a deeper insight into the true structure of materials, with emphasis on determining surface structure so we can better understand processes at interfaces (such as reaction chemistry, catalysis or separation). Part of our work is in direct collaboration with experimental groups and industry to understand how nanoporous materials (zeolites, metal-organic frameworks, aluminophosphates) grow and dissolve at the nanoscale and the chemical driving forces that dictate which phase crystallises from the mother liquor and with what morphology. Another focus is on water ice and hydrate chemistry where the goal is to develop accurate models of icy materials to help predict their role in atmospheric chemistry and astrochemical reactions.


Ice, Oxide Materials, Crystal Growth, Interfaces, Molecular Adsorption, Surfaces, Functional Oxides, Oxide Surfaces