Winning Christmas Card Image

Many thanks to all of you who submitted images to our 2017 TYC Christmas Card Competition - we had some really great entries this year!

Congratulations to Robert Sinclair from UCL who won the TYC Christmas card image competition with his visual molecular dynamics rendering of superlubric graphene sheets which, when disturbed, slide long distances seemingly with no friction.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted an image to the competition! 

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See below for the winning image and a selection of our other great entries. 

Robert Sinclair - VMD rendering of superlubric graphene sheets


John Buckeridge, UCL - Rudolph the Red-nosed Oxygent Vacancy

John Buckeridge - Rudolph the red-nosed oxygen vacancy

Dimitar Pahov, Kings College - Screened spherical wave
Dimitar Pahov - Screened sperical wave

Tassem El-Sayed, UCL - A slice of MgO atoms

Tassem El Sayed - Slice of MgO atoms and an oxygen vacancy's electron density

Henry Lambert, Kings College - Grain Boundary Christmas Tree

Henry Lambert - Grain Boundary

David Abbasi-Pérez - Kings College
David Abbasi

May Yee - Kings College

May Yee

Ilaria Gimondi, UCL - Free energy surface for succinic acid conformers
Ilaria Gimondi - Free energy surface for succinic acid conformers

1. Kamaljit Singh & 2. Prof. Martin J. Blunt, Imperial - Flow and trapping in carbonate rocks

Kamaljit Singh - Flow and trapping in carbonate rocks with scale

Stefano Angioletti-Uberti, Imperial - nanoparticle binding to a receptor-coated surface bearing different receptors

Stefano Anlioletti
Emanuele Galiffi, Imperial - Singular plasmonic metasurfaces

Emmanuele Galiffi


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