The 2019 TYC Student Day, Friday 15th February at Imperial College London

The 2019 TYC Student Day showcased the breadth and excellence of research from across the centre on Friday 15th February 2019.

It was extremely difficult to choose which of the many engaging and stimulating talks submitted would make the programme.  12 final year TYC PhD Students from across London shared their research with a packed audience, and more than 30 students presented their work in poster format. 

All of the talks and posters were of an incredibly high standard.

We are also very grateful to our invited speakers Professor David Wales FRS and Dr Jess Wade who came to speak at our Student Day. 

David Wales' talk 'Energy landscapes: from molecules and nano-devices to machine learning' summarised new approaches for global optimisation, quantum dynamics, the thermodynamic properties of systems exhibiting broken ergodicity, and rare event dynamics. 

Jess' research investigates polymer-based light emitting diodes (LEDs), and after a brief outline of her science, she captivated the audience with numerous surprising statistics about the lack of diversity in science and technology historically and still today.

Congratulations to our “Best Talk 2019” winner Lara Roman Castellanos from Imperial College London, with her talk entitled 'Hot carrier generation from single plasmons in metallic nanoparticles'.  Runners-up were Xiuyan Jiang from UCL with 'Ultrafast light-driven electron transfer in a Ru(II)tris(bipyridine)-labelled multiheme cytochrome', and Miguel Rivera from QMUL with 'Computational methods for photochemistry in molecular crystals'.

"Best Talk 2019" runners-up Xiuyun (Sharon) Jiang - UCL and Miguel Rivera - QMUL with Imperial TYC Director Arash Mostofi.

Best Talk 2019 Runners-Up Yiuyan (Sharon) and Miguel

"Best Talk 2019" runners-up Xiuyun (Sharon) Jiang - UCL and Miguel Rivera - QMUL with Imperial TYC Director Arash Mostofi.

Best Poster 2019 Winners Patrick, Emanuele, Bethan and Samuele with Arash Mostofi, TYC Director at Imperial College London

The “Best Poster 2019” prize was jointly awarded to (L-R) Patrick Rowe - UCL, Emanuele Galiffi - Imperial, Bethan Cornell - Imperial and Samuele Giannini - UCL.


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