Professor Michael Finnis wins the 2017 Nevill Mott Medal and Prize

The award was presented to Professor Finnis “For his original, insightful and courageous work in materials physics, which is recognised worldwide as having consistently opened up large areas of materials physics to rigorous theory and computation.

The Institute of Physics describes the Professor as “one of the most original and versatile materials physicists in the world”.  Professor Finnis is a highly-valued member of The Thomas Young Centre.  He helped found the Institute, and has served tenure as both Deputy Director and Director since its inception.

The Nevill Mott Medal and Prize is awarded every two years for distinguished contributions to condensed matter or materials Physics.  In 2005 Professor Finnis was awarded the Max Born Medal and Prize, and in 2014 in recognition of his distinguished contributions to materials physics he was awarded the Humboldt Research Award by The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


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