Nature Materials Publishes Profile on the TYC and Materials Modelling

Nature Materials have published an extensive profile on materials modelling and the Thomas Young Centre (TYC) following the recent Frontiers of Materials Modelling Symposium, held to mark the 10th anniversary of the TYC.

The profile contains an editorial on materials modelling, giving details on some of the challenges in the field and the investment at a governmental and grass roots level to overcome these, an interview with Professor Angelos Michaelides, co-director of the TYC at UCL, and a report on the recent symposium and perspective of the field, written by Professor Nicola Marzari.

The articles give a great overview of last month’s event and an excellent boost to the profile of the Thomas Young Centre.

A full report on the outcomes of the TYC 10th Anniversary Event will be made available shortly.  Please contact Joanna Rooke at for further details.

The three pieces can be found online here:

Editorial: Boosting materials modelling

Interview with Prof. Angelos Michaelides: Materials modelling in London

Meeting report and perspective: Materials modelling: The frontiers and the challenges




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