Message from Angelos Michaelides

Hello fellow TYC members,

This is just a brief message to say goodbye as I am leaving UCL for a new role in Cambridge, and stepping down as one of the Co-Directors of the TYC. 

My arrival at UCL coincided with the launch of the TYC some 14 years ago and it has been a great pleasure to see (and help) it grow since then. The TYC is now the largest concentration of experts in the theory and simulation of materials in the UK, possibly in the world. This makes London a fantastic place for our field and I am very grateful to the many TYC members who have helped to create the open and collegial atmosphere we now have here. So thank you all!

At its heart TYC is a grassroots organisation. Without wanting to create chaos for the current TYC leadership (!) I encourage all members to remember this. Students, post-docs, and staff from all universities and from all disciplines should feel like “core” TYC members and, as such, feel empowered to contribute and shape the direction of the TYC moving forward. If you have ideas for activities, strategic initiatives, or suggestions on how to make the TYC more effective, inclusive or fun please work with the TYC leadership to make your ideas happen. I look forward to seeing the TYC continue to prosper and grow over the years to come…. 

Kind regards, 
Angelos Michaelides

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