Concepts of materials science by Adrian Sutton FRS

TYC member Adrian Sutton FRS, Emeritus Professor of Nanotechnology at Imperial College London recently published his short book “Concepts of materials science” through Oxford University Press.

The intended audience is final year, pre-university students but it will also be a useful supplement for undergraduates, as well as postgraduates coming to materials science from other subjects. The focus on concepts that span materials science gives the student a unique overview, and helps undergraduates and postgraduates see a bigger picture than is usually gleaned from text-books. The book is available in hardback and paperback from most outlets including,, and

"There is no doubt that the intellectual quality of this book is extremely high. This is a book written by a materials scientist at the top of their game - one who has taught the subject as well being a world expert. This is distilled wisdom." - Mark Miodownik, University College London

"This is a nicely written book. Great care has been taken to be economical with words, while giving clear explanations using accessible examples. This book appears to be a concise summary of the thinking of the author over several decades of teaching and research in the field." - Andrew Horsfield, Imperial College London
"Sutton has succeeded in collecting the principal concepts of materials science into a short book. The content is accessible to students in the physical sciences and is elegantly presented. Sutton's goal to present things in the simplest form does not compromise rigor." - W. Craig Carter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 


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