Research Fellowship positions: Sustainable and greener materials for Propulsion Systems

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is looking to recruit independent, early career fellows with their own research proposals to the following broadly defined area:

‘Sustainable and Greener Materials for Propulsion Systems will discover new materials that will improve efficiency of components, devices and systems. The initiative is looking at both experimental and modelling approaches from the macro scale down to the molecular and atomistic scale to develop new multifunctional materials, devices and electrical machines’.

The opportunity is open to both internal and external candidates with no more than 8 years of post-doctoral experience. This is part of a major research initiative across several broad areas in the University, as described at: The deadline for full applications is 11th May 2018. However, potential candidates should contact Professor Elena Besley as soon as possible, for more information in the first instance.


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