PhD Studentship in Modelling 2d Materials

Imperial College London

Funded by the Royal Society and covers tuition fees plus a stipend of £16,553 pa. Available to UK and EU students.

A 4-year PhD position starting October 2018 in modelling electronic excitations in two-dimensional materials is available in the research group of Johannes Lischner at Imperial College London.

In this PhD project, you will study the electronic and optical properties of multilayers of stacked 2d materials using advanced electronic structure methods ranging from density-functional theory to many-body perturbation theory within the GW approach for applications in ultrathin solar energy conversion devices. In addition, you will collaborate with other researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, the Thomas Young Centre for Theory and Simulation of Materials and the National Graphene Institute.

The studentship is funded by the Royal Society and covers tuition fees plus a stipend of £16,553 pound per year. It is available to UK and EU students.

Applicants should have interest and aptitude in theory and simulation and a strong background (normally first-class degree or equivalent) in Physics, Chemistry, Materials or a related subject. You can apply now and early applications are encouraged.

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