The Thomas Young Centre offers a number of services to industry and can create bespoke solutions to your organisation's challenges. 

See below for some examples of how we can help or please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for...


TYC can provide professional industrial training courses tailored to the needs of your organisation.

TYC can work with your business towards finding solutions to your organisation's challenges and helping with specific research requirements.

TYC can advise on a wide range of projects, offering solutions and improvements to help your business.

TYC can offer long-term research partnerships with businesses to help develop research capabilities, share resources and expertise.

Spend time in TYC research groups getting first-hand knowledge of techniques, or have a TYC member come and spend time in your business.

TYC is a pool of extremely talented students and young researchers who may well have the skills you are looking for - we can help to promote recruitment opportunities on your behalf.



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