TYC@imperial: Thin film dynamics: complex behaviour of simple mathematical models

Dr Michael Dallaston
Coventry University

Monday 9th October 2017
Time: 12.00pm
Venue: Room 301D, 3rd floor, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London
Contact: Ms Hafiza Bibi

In this talk I will describe some recent work on the mathematical modelling of thin liquid films that coat a solid surface.  These films may be destabilised by one of a number of physical effects, such as intermolecular forces, or thermocapillarity, which can cause the film to rupture.  Although the governing lubrication-type equations appear simple, they can exhibit surprisingly complicated structures, for instance, evolving iterated structures of geometrically shrinking droplets, as a point of rupture is approached.

This is joint work with Serafim Kalliadasis (Imperial), Marco Fontelos (ICMAT), Dmitri Tseluiko (Loughborough), and Zhong Zheng (Cambridge)



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