Student Day

Thomas Young Centre Student Day 2018

Friday 16 February 2018
Time: 09:30-16:00
Venue: Jeffrey Hall
UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way
Contact: Karen Stoneham
Tel: 0207 6797306

Following in the tradition of our highly successful annual TYC Student Day, 2018’s prestigious event will be held from 9.30am to 5pm on Friday 16th February at University College London.

Final year students are invited to submit an abstract which have been shortlisted by professors from all four TYC Institutions.  Twelve successful applicants have been invited to present their research by way of a short talk which will be judged by a panel of experts.  The ‘Best Talk’ and 'Best Poster' will be rewarded with a generous cash prize.

We are fortunate to be joined by guest speakers Prof Sally Price FRS, UCL Chemistry, and Dr Andrea Taroni, Chief Editor of Nature Physics.

  • 09:30       Welcome with Tea & Coffee
    10.00       Introduction to the TYC Student Day
    10.10        Prof. Sally Price FRS

    Session 1
    10.30    Energy level alignment at semiconductor-water interfaces from atomistic and continuum solvation models
    Lars Blumenthal, Imperial College London
    10.45    On composition and size effects in transition metal nanoclusters
    Kevin Rossi, King’s College London
    11.00    A Tale of Two Brothers: Role of Structure and Dynamics in Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation
    Martin Fitzner, University College London
    11.15    Novel Design of Electric Field Controlled Molecular Gates Mounted on Metal-Organic Frameworks
    Benjamin Tam, University College London

    11.30 – 11.50    Tea & Coffee Break

    Session 2
    11.50    Machine learning n-body force fields for fast and accurate molecular dynamics simulation
    Aldo Glielmo, King’s College London
    12.05   QM/MM hybrid simulations of critical failure at the interface in CNT/polymer nanocomposites
    Jacek Golebiowski
    12.20    Relative role of charge correction and potential alignment for charged defects in periodic boundary conditions
    Thomas Durrant, University College London
    12.35    Structure−property relationships for charge transport in organic semiconducting materials using polaron hopping model
    Hui Yang, University College London

    12.50 – 14.20    Lunch and Posters

    Session 3
    14.20    Aggregation Induced Emission in Molecular Crystals
    Michael Dommett, Queen Mary University of London
    14.35    Non-local Models for Diffusion-Mediated Microstructure Evolution in Irradiated Materials
    Iacopo Rovelli, Imperial College London
    14.50    Designing the next generation of Co-Al-W-based superalloys
    Hikmatyar Hasan, Imperial College London
    15.05    Computational screening of complex oxides for high performance thermoelectrics
    Alex Ganose, University College London

    15.20    Dr Andrea Taroni - Chief Editor, Nature Physics

    15.40    Short Break
    16.00    Talk and Poster Prize Announcement and Refreshments

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