Spin-lattice dynamics in ferromagnetic clusters with Tight Binding

Tomos Wells

Department of Materials

Monday 18th January
Time: 12.00
Venue: Online
Contact: Ms Hafiza Bibi


Spin-lattice coupling is core to a diverse range of phenomena, which occur from microscopic to macroscopic scales, including superparamagnetism, spintronics and the Einstein de Haas effect. Further, it is believed that an improved understanding of angular momentum transfer from electrons to the atoms in a lattice would lead to a vastly improved models of heat flow in important ferromagnetic materials, such as iron [1]. In this talk we will discuss the development and results of a tight binding model which is capable of describing the time evolution of a Fe15 cluster in the presence of an external time-dependent magnetic field, and includes the effects of spin-orbit coupling and vector Stoner exchange. The model calculates the evolution of spin and orbital angular momenta, and demonstrates how a flip in the electronic system’s spin leads to a torque on the ions of the cluster.


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