MMM Hub Software Spotlight: ONETEP

Prof. Chris-Kriton Skylaris, Dr. Jacek Dziedzic and Dr. Arihant Bhandari

University of Southampton

**Click here to watch the recording**

Friday 2 July 2021
Time: 15:00 - 16:00 BST

Contact: George Booth

In the second of the MMM Hub/TYC 'Software Spotlight' event series, we will be looking at the ONETEP package for linear-scaling density functional theory calculations with controllable accuracy.

The favourable scaling of this package has allowed it to be pushed out to fully quantum applications in biology, surfaces, nanostructures and defects. It has excellent parallelism for large scale calculations with thousands of cores on both ARCHER2 and Tier-2 infrastructure, and is developed by a number of researchers across the UK.

In this event, Professor Chris-Kriton Skylaris will be talking about the capabilities and impact that the software has had on the field, alongside Dr Jacek Dziedzic and Arihant Bhandari, all at the University of Southampton, presenting the anatomy of a ONETEP calculation and demonstrating the range of capabilities of this powerful code.


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