Introduction to the Materials and Molecular Modelling Tier 2 HPC Hub

Tuesday 27th June 2017
Time: 2.00pm - 3.00pm
Venue: Sutton Lecture Theatre, Royal School of Mines
Contact: Ms Hafiza Bibi

Dr Arash Mostofi, Departments of Materials and Physics, Imperial College London

In 2016 EPSRC announced a funding call to refresh the UK’s Tier 2 High Performance Computing (HPC) landscape. The Thomas Young Centre (TYC), the London Centre for Theory and Simulation of Materials, led a bid for a machine dedicated to Materials and Molecular Modelling (MMM). The proposal for this new MMM Tier 2 HPC Hub was successful and our consortium of the four TYC Colleges of UCL, Imperial, King’s and QMUL, together with QUB, Kent, Southampton and Oxford, was awarded £4M to procure an 18,000 core x86-based machine. Thomas is hosted at the VIRTUS Data Centre in Slough and is managed by UCL’s Research Computing team. The machine, named Thomas, has been installed and tested and is now ready for general use by the community of HPC users in the Departments of Physics, Materials, Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. These are the Departments that have underwritten the College’s share of the operating costs of the machine. In this talk, I will present an overview of the MMM Hub / Thomas and how users may obtain access to it. 



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