CECAM Psi-k Conference 2020: New Horizons in Nucleation; a playground for classical and ab initio simulations

Nucleation is the initial step in the formation of a new phase. Nucleation from liquids is a phenomenon encountered in countless natural and industrial processes. At this CECAM/Psi-k research conference we have gathered the international community of theoreticians and molecular simulation practitioners active in the advancement of the current state-of-the-art in molecular simulations of nucleation processes.

27 July to 1 August 2020
Venue: University College London, XLG1 Chemistry LT, Christopher Ingold Building, Gordon Street, London
Contact: Matteo Salvalaglio / Karen Stoneham
Tel: 0207 679 7306

A key aim of this meeting will be to bring the electronic structure, classical molecular dynamics, and nucleation theory communities together.

Simultaneously we will promote an all-around perspective on the wide range of contexts in which nucleation plays a dominant role, discussing applications in pharmaceutical processes, biomolecular systems, and active matter.

Our program will feature a number of young rising stars, as well as established, leading figures in the field.

The 2020 CECAM/Psi-k research conference on "New Horizons in Nucleation" will:

• Review and discuss our understanding of the current state of the art of the field

• Bring together the disparate communities with expertise in nucleation, including the molecular dynamics, ab initio, and industrial communities with a view to developing new techniques and applying our techniques to the most relevant problems

• Identify future directions for the development of the field

• Produce a perspective road-map style paper.



Stefano Angioletti-Uberti, Imperial College London, UK

Fernando Bresme, Imperial College London, UK

Angelos Michaelides, University College London, UK

Erich A. Muller, Imperial College London, UK

Matteo Salvalaglio, University College London, UK

Cedric Weber, King's College London, UK



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