CANES Special Seminar--Flow equation holography

Professor Stefan Kehrein

Institute for Theoretical Physics, Physics Department, University of Goettingen

Thursday 14 December 2017
Time: 3pm
Venue: King's College London, Strand Campus, King's Building, Room K0.18
Contact: CANES Centre Manager
Tel: 02078487951

AdS/CFT correspondence and the holographic principle have inspired a new way of looking at interacting quantum field theories in both equilibrium and non-equilibrium. A major challenge for a condensed matter theorist is that they only apply to a very special class of supersymmetric conformal gauge theories in a large-N limit. In this talk I will present a new approach that captures an important aspect of AdS/CFT correspondence for eigenstates of generic many-body Hamiltonians, namely the holographic calculation of entanglement entropies (Ryu-Takayanagi conjecture). I will illustrate this with some explicit calculations for fermionic systems in one and two dimensions


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