What we do

The Thomas Young Centre is a intersciplinary research network which brings together a range of groups within London who are all interested in materials modelling.

See Research for information on our research interests and expertise.

We provide the following:

An interdisciplinary and collaborative environment at the cutting-edge of materials modelling research which offers an opportunity to socialise, make friends, and build networks of contacts which can help with your research and finding a job after your PhD.

An extensive events programme that brings together leading researchers from across the world to speak at a wide range of workshops, masterclasses, highlight seminars, soirees, outreach events, networking meetings and more.   

These events showcase the latest developments in the materials modelling community; provide opportunities to network, debate, discuss and collaborate, offer enhanced graduate training and offer an excellent platform to bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss common ideas.

Funding is available for TYC students and junior researchers to work for short periods in other research groups in the UK and overseas or for academic visitors to spend time working with the TYC in London.

A range of Industrial Services ranging from bespoke training and consultancy to research and development and long-term partnerships.  We are an internationally recognised hub of expertise, are at the cutting-edge of developments in the field and our research covers a broad spectrum of industrial sectors.

An unrivalled programme of graduate training, ranging from general overviews of simulation methods, through sets of lectures on topics such as nanoscience and biophysics, to more specialised expositions of electronic-structure theory.


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