TYC Christmas Card Competition Winner Announced!

Many thanks to all our wonderful TYC Christmas Card Competition entries this year - you really outdid yourselves! After a very difficult judging process, the winning image was chosen as being by Andrea Greco at Imperial College London. The image is made up of different modules, each one representing a cluster of Si71H60 with an electronic isosurface (green) used to define its volume. These modules have been placed to reproduce the shape of a snowflake.

Andrea collaborates with Prof. Peter D. Haynes, Dr. Nicholas Hine and Niccolo Corsini from Imperial College and Dr. Carla Molteni from King's College in the project which realised this image.

Congratulations Andrea!

See below for the winning image and selection of the shortlisted entries...thank you everyone!

Seasons Greetings from the TYC.


WINNING IMAGE - Andrea Greco, Imperial College London
Si71H60 clusters with volume defined by an electronic isosurface


RUNNER UP - Nesrine Chakroun and Franca Fraternali, KCL
Prion snowflake

RUNNER UP - Giovanni Doni, Imperial College London
Xmas DNA trees in water "flakes"


Stephen Cox, UCL
Dreaming of a white Christmas? Here we show the birth of snowflakes, as we grow ice with metadynamics

Dr Dario Alfè, UCL
A buckyball catcher, or a molecular tweezer. An example of two macromolecules interacting through van der waals forces. The dark grey atoms are carbon and the light atoms are hydrogens.

Dr. Cedric Weber, KCL

Massimo Riello, KCL

Zsolt Gercsi & Dominic Moseley, Imperial College London
Spin density accumulation on the graphene hole edges


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