The Thomas Young Centre has a growing membership of around 100 leading academics in the field of materials modelling.

Please see the People Section for full information on their individual research interests. 

The TYC organisational structure consists of an Executive Committee, comprising representatives of the participating institutions, an International Advisory Board and a Management Team. 

The Management Team takes care of the day-to-day running of the centre and consists of the TYC Director, two Deputy Directors and the Chair of the Executive Committee. Much of the practical work is carried out by Working Groups, which have their own nominated chairs.


The TYC has established partnerships with a number of other organisations, including the UK's National Physical Laboratory, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

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Members of the TYC Executive Committee, with their contact details and photos
The IAB of the Thomas Young Centre plays the very important role of providing an independent, external perspective on the activities of the Centre. It does this mainly through a formal review, which is carried out every two years.
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